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Here, stories are born, friendships are forged, and unforgettable moments are shared.

The place for an unforgettable time.

Discover a space that radiates authenticity and coziness – perfect for your special experiences.

Seating available indoors and outdoors.

Charming seating in both indoor and outdoor areas. Enjoy comfort wherever you sit

Unique decor

Explore our unique facilities – indoors full of character and outdoors with a special flair

A place of


Here, people come together, share moments, and create shared memories.

Our History


In the Beginning...

O-Five: The Birth of a Legend in St. Gallen

2005 marked the year when St. Gallen welcomed a new icon with the opening of O-Five Pub. Taken over by a father with pub business experience since 1996, O-Five quickly became a gathering place. Despite the name change, locals affectionately stuck with the nickname “Piwi,” a nostalgic reference to the father’s beginnings at the ’96 Pub in Gossau. With the Euro 2006 on the horizon, exciting times were ahead.

since 2005

New in 2023

O-Five Pub 2023: Tradition meets a breath of fresh air

Almost two decades after its founding, the O-Five Pub remains a symbol of community and hospitality in St. Gallen. Under the leadership of Fauzi, who took the reins in 2011 at the age of 18, the pub has continued to evolve to delight both loyal regulars and new visitors. Football events, especially away games by European teams in St. Gallen, remain highlights. But what really defines the O-Five is the feeling of being in a second home – a place of laughter, friendship and respect. Here guests can be themselves, without a mask or facade. And as Fauzi pursues his vision, his father is still at his side, ready to help in good times and bad. In a time of change, when climate change and economic challenges are present, the O-Five remains a place of comfort, cohesion and an unforgettable community experience.

neu 2023


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