The Best of Our




3,0 dl4,0dl
Coca Cola5.00 CHF6.00 CHF
Ice Tea5.00 CHF6.00 CHF
Sprite5.00 CHF6.00 CHF
Mineral5.00 CHF6.00 CHF
Michel (Diverse Säfte)5.00 CHF6.00 CHF
Tonic Water5.00 CHF6.00 CHF
Bitter Lemon5.00 CHF6.00 CHF
Ginger Beer5.00 CHF6.00 CHF
Ginger Ale2,00 dl5.00 CHF
Shorley Apfelsaft3,30 dl5.50 CHF
Tony Mate3,30 dl6.00 CHF
Trojka Energy2,50 dl6.50 CHF
Red Bull2,50 dl7.00 CHF
Rivella Rot(PET)5,00 dl6.00 CHF
Coca Cola Zero(PET)4,50 dl6.00 CHF
Alc.%Origin3,0 dl5,0 dl1,0 l
Lager Hell4,8CH5.50 CHF8.00 CHF16.00 CHF
Klosterbräu5,2CH5.50 CHF8.00 CHF16.00 CHF
2,5 dl5,0 dl
Tetley’s3,6GB5.50 CHF9.00 CHF
Guinness5,0IRL5.50 CHF9.00 CHF
Murphy’s Irish Red5,0IRL5.50 CHF9.00 CHF
Strongbow Cider4,5GB5.50 CHF9.00 CHF
Cider and black4,5GB5.50 CHF9.00 CHF
Jug of Lager hell1,5 L24.00 CHF
Jug of Klosterbräu1,5 L24.00 CHF
Jug of Strongbow Cider1,5 L26.00 CHF
Jug of Guinness1,5 L26.00 CHF
Beer-Tower3,0 L48.00 CHF
Corona4,6MEX3,55 dl7.00 CHF
White angel5,3CH5,00 dl8.00 CHF
Erdinger wheat beer5,3D5,00 dl8.00 CHF
Gallus 6125,6CH3,30 dl7,00 CHF
India Pale Ale6,8CH3,30 dl7.00 CHF
Birra Moretti4,8IT3,30 dl7.00 CHF
Eve Litchi3,1CH2,75 dl7.00 CHF
Desperados5,9FR3,30 dl7.00 CHF
Schützengarten 0,0CH3,30 dl6.00 CHF
Möhl juice on tap4,05,00 dl7.00 CHF
Smirnoff Ice4,02,75 dl7.50 CHF
Turbotony3,30 dl12.00 CHF
Aperitivo Spritz11.00 CHF
Hugo11.00 CHF
Lillet Tonic11.00 CHF
Lillet Berry11.00 CHF
Campari Orange10.00 CHF
Weisswein gespritzt7.00 CHF
Prosecco8.00 CHF
Martini Bianco8.00 CHF
Martini Vibrante Tonic10.00 CHF
Martini Floreale Tonic10.00 CHF
Alc.%4 dl
Ballantine’s4010.00 CHF
Canadian Club4010.00 CHF
Four Roses4010.00 CHF
Jack Daniel’s old No. 74010.00 CHF
Glenfiddich (12 years old)4010.00 CHF
Southern Comfort4010.00 CHF
Jameson4010.00 CHF
Bulleit Bourbon4513.00 CHF
Amaretto2810.00 CHF
Bacardi Carta Negra4010.00 CHF
Bacardi Carta Blanca37,510.00 CHF
Bacardi Carta Oro4010.00 CHF
Bacardi Razz3210.00 CHF
Trojka Vodka weiss4010.00 CHF
Trojka Vodka rot2410.00 CHF
Trojka Vodka grün1710.00 CHF
Trojka Vodka schwarz1710.00 CHF
Gordons’s Dry Gin37,510.00 CHF
Bombay Saphire4012.00 CHF
Bombay Bramble37,512.00 CHF
Hendrick’s Dry Gin4412.00 CHF
Baileys178.00 CHF
Blue Curaçao2110.00 CHF
Campari238.00 CHF
Grappa Bianca37,57.00 CHF
Grüne Banane2210.00 CHF
Jägermeister3510.00 CHF
Malibu2110.00 CHF
Passoa1710.00 CHF
Williams37,57.00 CHF
Grey Goose Vodka4012.00 CHF
Alle Zusätze2.00 CHF
Diverse Sour12.00 CHFVodka/Gin/Whiskey, Zitronensaft, Zuckersirup, Eiweiss
Amaretto Sour12.00 CHFAmaretto, Zitronensaft, Orangensaft
Negroni12.00 CHFGin, Campari, Martini Rosso
Moscow Mule12.00 CHFVodka, Limettensaft, Ginger Beer
London Mule12.00 CHFGin, Limettensaft, Ginger Beer
Sex on the Beach12.00 CHFWeisser Vodka, White Peach, Orangensaft, Cranberry
Tequila Sunrise12.00 CHFTequila, Orangensaft, Grenadinesirup
Swimming Pool12.00 CHFWeisser Vodka, Blue Curaçao, Ananassaft, Kokosnusssirup
Rainbow12.00 CHFBacardi Razz, Blue Curaçao, Sprite, Grenadinesirup
Long Island12.00 CHFBacardi, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Coca Cola
Grosse Cocktails18.00 CHF
Diverse Shaker 1,5l50.00 CHF
Alc.%2 cl4cl
Appenzeller295.00 CHF
Nocciola205.00 CHF
Jägermeister355.00 CHF
Get 31 (Minzlikör)245.00 CHF
Saurer Apfel165.00 CHF
Tequila weiss385.00 CHF
Sambuca425.50 CHF
B52 (Baileys, Cointreau)7.00 CHF
Flying Hirsch356.00 CHF


Large mixed salad10.00 CHF
Chicken nuggets, 6 pieces10.00 CHF
Chicken nuggets with French fries and salad23.00 CHF
Breaded chicken schnitzels (120 g)
with French fries and salad
23.00 CHFwith French fries and salad
Chicken cordon bleu (150 g)
with French fries and salad
23.00 CHFwith French fries and salad
Chicken Wings «a classic at its best», 6 pieces
Slightly sweet, spicy chicken wings
14.00 CHFSlightly sweet, spicy chicken wings
Murphy's Chicken Fingers, 6 pieces14.00 CHF
Murphy’s Chicken Fingers with French fries and salad23.00 CHFChicken breast fillet fried in beer batter
Chicken breast fillet fried in beer batter"15.00 CHFSquid rings fried in beer batter, served with tartar sauce
grosse Portion Pommesfrites
Sauce nach Wahl
10.00 CHFSauce of your choice
Large portion of French fries
Sauce of your choice
13.00 CHFCrispy tortilla chips with sauce (3 different sauces)
Onion rings, 10 pieces
with sauce of your choice (3 different sauces)
14.00 CHFwith sauce of your choice
Mozzarella sticks, 6 pieces
with sauce of your choice (3 different sauces)
10.00 CHFwith sauce of your choice
Hamburger without side dish9.00 CHF
Hamburger with French fries and salad23.00 CHF
Cheese burger without side dish10.00 CHF
Cheese burger with fries and salad23.00 CHF
O Five’s Giantburger without side dish11.00 CHF
O Five’s Giantburger with fries and salad23.00 CHF«The best burger in town» gratinated with cheese and crispy bacon
Mexican burger without side dish10.00 CHF
Mexican burger with fries and salad23.00 CHF
Hawaiian burger without side dish10.00 CHFwith pineapple and cheese
Hawaiian burger with fries and salad23.00 CHFwith pineapple and cheese
Additional sauces1.00 CHFCocktail (homemade), tartare, barbecue, ketchup, mayonnaise
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