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Upcoming Events

Be enchanted by the magic of captivating jazz harmonies, feel the heartbeat tempo of cutting-edge techno vibes, and dive deep into adrenaline-pumping football thrillers. Give your voice the stage at unparalleled karaoke spectacles, discover groundbreaking cocktail innovations, and get ready to enter an event dimension that St. Gallen has never experienced before.

Regular Events

Experience inspiring jazz melodies, electrifying techno, and unforgettable football moments. Sing yourself into a frenzy at extraordinary karaoke events, dive into exclusive drink events, and be enchanted by an experience that inspires.

Dart Tournament

Every 2nd month

Here, where concentration meets playful ease, we invite you to experience the joy of aiming and hitting. It’s not just a game but a moment of coming together, celebrating small victories, and sharing warm encounters.

Karaoke Night


When the lights dim and the first chord sounds, a special magic unfolds. Our karaoke night is an invitation to delve deep into the world of melodies where every voice shines. Here, we celebrate not just tones but also brave souls, community, laughter, and unforgettable moments. A night full of melodies and emotions.

Pub Quiz


Every month, we organize a pub quiz. Test your knowledge in various categories and win prizes! Whether you’re familiar with history, sports, geography, or pop culture, here you can prove your knowledge. Come by and spend a sociable evening with your friends, testing your knowledge together.

Sport Days & Night

US Open - Golf LIVE

The green is shining, the excitement is tangible: the US Open golf tournament! With us, you’ll see every championship shot and feel every moment. Together with other fans, you’ll experience highlights and discuss the best shots, all while enjoying a cool drink. The golf event of the year – live at O’Five Pub!

Ryder Cup - Golf LIVE

Tradition meets passion when Europe and the USA meet in the Ryder Cup! Every tee shot, every putt, every team duel has meaning. Enjoy this prestigious golf tournament in convivial company with like-minded people. In a cozy atmosphere in St. Gallen, golf dreams come true!”

The Open Championship - Golf LIVE

Wind, links golf, the Claret Jug in view – The Open Championship! Feel the tradition and excitement as golfers compete for the title on Britain’s historic courses. In St. Gallen, surrounded by your peers, you’ll experience every birdie, every bunker and the dramas of the 18th hole. A golf classic to be enjoyed in the best of company!

Masters Tournament - Golf LIVE

The Green Jacket, Magnolia Lane, Augusta in all its glory – the Masters Tournament! Immerse yourself in the magic of this exclusive golf event, when the best of the best fight for victory. With us, in the cozy atmosphere of St. Gallen, you will follow every shot and share the excitement and enthusiasm with other fans. A golf festival that will be remembered!

US Open - Tennis LIVE

Experience the excitement and emotion of the tennis Grand Slam tournament US Open live at O’Five Pub! We broadcast all the important matches of the tournament live on the big screen. From the qualifying matches to the final – with us you won’t miss a thing.

FC St. Gallen

We broadcast all FC St. Gallen games live, whether Swiss Football League, Cup or Europa League. Come by and cheer on the FCS with us! Experience the excitement and emotions of football in our cozy pub with other fans. And after the game you can enjoy a few drinks with your friends and discuss the game.

Premier League - Fussball LIVE

England’s elite meet and the passion ignites! Every goal, every duel, every drama of the Premier League right before your eyes. In a cozy atmosphere you enjoy the highlights with other fans and discuss tactics and players. Experience the magic of English football here in St. Gallen!

US Open - Tennis LIVE

Rackets swing, balls fly, stars shine! The US Open offers tennis at its best. Experience every serve and every match point in a convivial atmosphere. With like-minded people, you’ll be on the edge of your seat when the greats of tennis meet. Enjoy the Grand Slam in the cozy atmosphere of St. Gallen!

Super Bowl - American Football LIVE

Helmets shine, fans cheer, the Super Bowl captivates everyone! The greatest spectacle of American football is just around the corner. Experience every touchdown, every tackle and the sensational halftime show. In the best bar in St. Gallen you will collect unforgettable moments with other football enthusiasts. An event not to be missed!”

Olympia - Sport LIVE

World records, national heroes, unforgettable moments – the Olympic Games captivate everyone! See athletes from all over the world striving for gold in their disciplines. Immerse yourself in the diversity of the sport and cheer on your favorites. Here in St. Gallen, in the atmosphere of true sports enthusiasm, Olympic dreams are lived together!

Swiss Football League - Fussball LIVE

Alpine flair meets grass passion – the Swiss Football League inspires! Experience the highlights of Swiss football when the teams fight for goals, points and prestige. In the best bar in St. Gallen, you’ll always be right in the middle, sharing the cheers and excitement with other fans. Authentic football enjoyment in the heart of Switzerland!

Six Nations - Rugby LIVE

Power, tactics and tradition – the Six Nations tournament takes rugby to the next level! Experience how six nations compete in thrilling duels for the coveted title. In the cozy atmosphere of St. Gallen you will feel every tackle, every try, every emotion. Together with other rugby fans you will dive into a tournament full of passion and drama!

NFL - American Football LIVE

An evening marked by the pulsating rhythms of soccer and the dynamic energy of American soccer. Cheering together, hoping together, dreaming together. Passions come together here, and every goal, every touchdown becomes a shared triumph. Be there and feel the energy of the sport!

Formula 1 - Rennen LIVE

The engines roar, the asphalt burns: Formula 1 at high speed! Feel the adrenaline of every overtaking maneuver and experience the tactics behind the pit stops right in the O’Five Pub. Share the excitement with your peers as world champions compete against up-and-comers. Let the engines roar and cheer along, lap after lap – only at O’Five Pub!

Champions League - Fussball LIVE

Europe’s best give it their all when the Champions League anthem sounds! Feel the intensity of every match as clubs battle for the coveted title. In the best bar in St. Gallen, you’ll never miss a goal and share the joy and disappointment with fans from all over the world. Immerse yourself in nights full of football magic!

Bundesliga - Fussball LIVE

The Bundesliga is shaking, and you’re there live! Experience every goal, every tackle and every drama here at the O’Five Pub. With fans like you, we share emotions, excitement and jubilation. Whether it’s Bayern, Dortmund or Leipzig, we’re in the game. Cheers to football – live and passionate at O’Five Pub!

FA Cup - Football LIVE

Old glory, modern heroes – the FA Cup brings the magic of English football! From underdogs to top clubs, experience the magic of this historic tournament. In St. Gallen, in convivial company, you’ll feverishly watch the ball roll and dreams come true or shatter. A football festival that combines tradition and excitement!

UEFA Europa League - Football LIVE

Boundless excitement, European rivalries – the UEFA Europa League ignites football fever! Experience how clubs from all over the continent fight for the coveted cup. Here in St. Gallen, surrounded by fans from all over the world, you won’t miss a second of the game and share the highlights and drama. One continent, one cup, countless emotions!

Stanley Cup - Ice Hockey LIVE

Icy duels, lightning-fast pucks – the Stanley Cup brings the best of field hockey! When the NHL teams fight for the ultimate trophy, the tension rises. In the cozy atmosphere of St. Gallen you feel every check, every goal and live the intensity of the game. An ice hockey spectacle that warms the heart and soul!

Swiss Hockey League - Ice Hockey LIVE

Alpine power on ice – the Swiss Hockey League electrifies! Watch the Swiss ice hockey elite fight for points and prestige. In the best bar in St. Gallen, you’ll experience the fast-paced duels, thrilling saves and breathtaking goals. Here, Swiss passion is combined with ice hockey action. An ice-cold pleasure!

Wimbledon - Tennis LIVE

Grass, tradition, strawberries with cream – Wimbledon, the Mecca of tennis! Feel the charm of the oldest tennis tournament, when the greats of the sport serve on the sacred lawn. In the cozy atmosphere of St. Gallen, you will be present at every rally and enjoy the British tennis summer in the best company. A classic tennis experience that makes hearts beat faster!

FIFA International Games - Football LIVE

Pride, passion, nations dueling – FIFA International Football Matches! See how the Swiss national team and other top teams battle for glory on the global stage. In St. Gallen, in a convivial atmosphere, you’ll be cheering on every pass, every goal and every save. When countries meet and hearts beat faster, we are there together. Soccer that unites the world!

Tour de Suisse - Cycling LIVE

Steep climbs, rapid descents, the elite of cycling – the Tour de Suisse! Feel the energy and adrenaline as professional cyclists race through the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland. In the cozy atmosphere of St. Gallen you will follow every stage, cheer in sprints and suffer in the mountains. Cycling in its purest form, right in the heart of Europe!

Tour de France - Cycling LIVE

Legends are born, yellow is contested – the Tour de France! Immerse yourself in the world’s greatest cycling race as the sport’s elite race through France’s breathtaking landscapes. In St. Gallen, surrounded by enthusiasts, you’ll feel the thrill of time trials, mountain climbs and sprint finishes. A cycling event that makes history and conquers hearts!

Spengler Cup - Ice Hockey LIVE

Tradition on ice, international flair – the Spengler Cup! When clubs from all over the world fight for the coveted cup in Davos, excitement is guaranteed. In the convivial atmosphere of St. Gallen, you will experience thrilling duels, spectacular goals and unforgettable ice hockey moments. A tournament that makes the winter in Switzerland even more magical!

FIS Ski WM - Alpiner Skisport LIVE

Snow sparkles, skis glide, champions emerge – the FIS Ski World Championships! Experience the best of the best as they race down the slopes and compete for world championship titles. In the warm and cosy atmosphere of St. Gallen, you’ll be cheering along with every slalom, every downhill and every jump. Alpine skiing in all its glory, in the middle of the winter wonderland of Switzerland!

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